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Eclipses & Karma-Solar Eclipse 2021

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English #22:18 Learn astrology and consult - https://lunarastro.com/ Upcoming Webinar - https://lunarastro.com/courses/lunar-astro-webinar-dec-2021/ F...

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English #22:18
Learn astrology and consult - https://lunarastro.com/
Upcoming Webinar - https://lunarastro.com/courses/lunar-astro-webinar-dec-2021/
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Ketu is where termination has happend last birth when native born in Lunar eclipse and Asc lord/ AL or Lagna is involved,this combination takes place in chart of
yogis who were in isolation decided to leave this earth either by reaching a state of salvation but as living in isolation they were never able to complete
the karma and in order to complete they will born around eclipse, As although there was karma left but mentally they were not intrested to pay attention towards it
and in this life although they want to live in isolation but still forcefully has to interact with several souls as their duty.
If you notice charts of great saints or devils both will have combination of
Grahan and born around eclipses (+-5 days) and bigger and closer the eclipse is to their birth place greater is their karma towards other people.

Solar eclipse happening shows native was not ready to leave the earth even when karam was exhausted and was still invovled mentally with karma to be performed and to get detachement
from karma in this life -he will experience the events to get detachment in life mentally.

So when you see people born around after eclipses like blood Moon or big eclipse -look at their life and understand the pattern -Make Sun(Lunar Eclipse) or Moon(Solar Eclipse)
as lagna and decipher the chart and events.

Moon Ketu intution

Eclipse happening in Fiery signs shows taking initaitve on your own as fiery signs energy are now disbalanced.

Earth signs- You need to misuse of resources or laziness towrds working hard.

Airy sings- Planning for inellecutally long terms goals and gets in habit of breaking relationships intentioally

Watery signs- Unslefish actions and soul searching.

Sun Rahu and Photographs -

Sun ketu - high post -selfless works

Eclipse is not only when Lumanries are afflcited by nodes in chart -other planets when get in grip of nodes they are also causing eclipse, Such as Mars on axis of Rahu-Ketu.
Now that martian energy is afflicted - there is a disturbance in that energy in your chart- so when you see Mars Rahu - It means your Karma related to Mars you were badly induljed
now you need to let go and help others with your bravery-

Mars- Bravery- Rahu- these people you will get lot of things from them and they leave from your life.

MArs rahu- 6th house

Mars Ketu- Ignorance towards the duty of Mars -Mars is self body as well- own blood not in this life Mars ketu will create problems what you need to do is indulge yourself lot of fake brothers and relatives you will get in MArs ketu.

Mars-Ketu- Village headman

Saturn Rahu- and their ancestral work they will get -job in big insitution
SA-RA- Scorpio some really different work or gets abused by tantrik.
Child pornograpy
Sa-Ra- gemini 8th house raped 3 kids.

Saturn rahu -cheating in profession and Venus house then money scandal
SAturn Ketu -selfless work should be done - keep doing something for free and things will change for you.- ayurvedc physician- jupiter will remove slefishness
brother living away and will not keep much contact

Mercury- Rahu - translation of text

Mercury Rahu- extraordinary brain and ideas will gain from aunts and married life of aunts will not be great, cannot execute bigger plans
Mercury Ketu- do something for kids

Venus Ketu - Social right activist for sexual rights and cencorship of content- was nurse and then porn star.

Sun Rahu- in 5th house aries-n gemini navansh- erotic wirter- mental health issues.

Mercury Ketu- Raymond buckey child abuse.
Erotic Film HD
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