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November Forecast ❥ Stay Open... What are you letting in? | Coaching w/Ms. Dee - Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine's are 'letting in...' as the vacuum of the letting go comes to its climax. The letting to energies must be replaced with the letting i...

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Divine Feminine's are 'letting in...' as the vacuum of the letting go comes to its climax. The letting to energies must be replaced with the letting in energies. So Divine Feminine what are you willing to let in this month of November 2021... let's see shall we...

Click below on the time stamps for each or choose from the chapters shown on the video...
0:00 - Intro
3:48- Deck # 1 - Trust in the Union
24:18 - Deck # 2 - Only Time Will Tell
46:55 - Deck # 3 - The Past is Now Behind You

Deck #1 - Decks Used:
Erotic Fantasy Tarot, Lovers Oracle, The Universe HAS YOUR Back, Star Dragon Oracle Cards, Sacred Earth Oracle

Deck #2 - Decks Used:
Lovers Oracle, Gilded Tarot, Sun and Moon Tarot, The Flower of Life - Wisdom of Astar

Deck #3 - Decks Used:
Lovers Oracle, Tarot of Sexual Magic, The Flower of Life - Wisdom of Astar, Sacred Earth Oracle, Star Dragon Oracle Cards

As an intuitive healer, teacher, and coach it is my honor to bring all I can here on this channel for you to expand. Take what resonates and disregard the rest for either a later time or intuitively place it in the ‘not for me’ pile.

You and your union are truly unique and I love feeling into your energies! While I try to read into each of you the best I can, these readings are general in nature. Should you feel called, feel a pull to work with me in the physical, I’d love to work with you. I’ve included all my information below for your convenience.

So looking forward to unifying with you on the other side of bliss!

‣ remember you are LOVE. connect in the heart and often.
‣ make love to yourself and each other in the 5D!!!
‣ enjoy the delicious unfolding...

‣ 1-1 (Zoom) Sacred Union Coaching
‣ Private (Zoom) Tarot Love Reading
‣ Akashic Healing Readings
‣ Recorded Tarot/Oracle Love Reading

* Further details on what you can expect when working with me, can be found with pricing on TrustingLoveTarot Facebook Services.

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All new clients and students receive a complementary 30 minute 1-1 session to assist and give further guidance for your amazing journey. Trust is huge on this journey as you are facing a lot of crazy sh*t and you do not want to waste your energy in something that will lead you where you don't want to go. Let's meet and you can make your own intuitive choice in how to proceed.


You can also check me out on Instagram where I release inspirational quotes for your Sacred Union | Twin Flame | Soul Mate | Divine Partner | Cosmic Connection... vision boards. To keep inspired and motivated while you are on this incredible journey!

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Working with any Divine Soul is such a blessing. Due to your intense energy signature, I find it works best for you to send me a recent picture first to the email above. It allows me to integrate and understand all the energies surrounding you so that when we meet face to face, I get to see the real you, the magnificently beautiful soul and human you really are! Namaste...

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‣ check the 'About Page' for a simple connection exercise to your higher self and learn your own truth within; strengthening your discernment and higher 'knowing'.

❥ Invest in yourself. You are so worth it.

For this magical 11-11 portal I will offer all those who mention #SacredUnion within your email to me will receive 50% OFF any session of 1-1 Coaching with me.

So much love and light to you!
Many blessings on your journey toward divine bliss!
❥ Namaste - Ms. Dee

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Ms. Dee is not a licensed therapist. If you need more than what you see here, please seek professional assistance. You and your healing are very important!

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