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RAiNBOW GHOSTS!! Adley & Niko escape the Portal House! Blue Pink Green Purple color keys Hide n Seek

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there's a PORTAL in our HOUSE?!? LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we were playing a NEW game in our basement where dad ...

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there's a PORTAL in our HOUSE?!?

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we were playing a NEW game in our basement where dad and Niko do crazy chores for me because Adley is the queen, but then something really weird started happening! We had heard a noise coming from our closet last night but today it seemed even louder and there was a purple glow coming from the bottom of the door. We decided to open the closet to check it out, it looked like there was a portal inside! It looked pretty creepy but Niko was brave and walked into the portal so then dad and I had to go in after him! It was AWESOME being inside a portal for the first time, there was lots of purple flashing lights and magic sparkles! When we got to the other side of the portal it looked like we were in a closet again, but this time it was a different closet. When we walked out of this portal we realized we were in a totally different HOUSE! It's like some sort of Portal House!! We decided to look around but we left the portal door open so that we could get back later! Then we found a hidden message that was written on popsicle sticks. Once we got them in the right order we could read it... "Keep them happy" it said! Right then the door to our portal SLAMMED shut and somebody had put a bunch of different color locks on them! We decided to keep looking around and we found one of the keys.. but it was hanging up really high above the kitchen table and something was sleeping under it... it looked like a purple ghost with creepy eyes! Me and dad moved really quietly to get the key so that we wouldn't wake him up, but then a chain fell down and crashed on the table which woke him up and he started to chase us! We tried to pull open the door to the portal but it was locked really tight! Luckily the ghost lost us and went upstairs, so we went back, got the key, and unlocked the first lock! Now we only had 4 more! When we went upstairs we found out that there is even MORE ghosts! There is a green ghost that can hear really good, but can't see you if you stand still, there is a pink ghost that loves to dance, so as long as we were dancing with him he ignored us, and there was a blue ghost that was REALLY hungry so we had to collect marshmallows to distract it! We don't know what they are but we call them the Rainbow Ghosts! We don't really know if they are trying to get us, or just be nice so maybe they are just our Rainbow Friends... but we didn't want to take any chances! We had to find the rest of the keys so we can get out of here! There was lots of different challenges to do in order to get the keys like: a puzzle with hidden pieces, a key hidden in a piggy bank, a balloon tied to some monkey bars, and more! After we collect all the keys it was time to get out of here, but dad was really loud so all of the rainbow ghosts were coming after us so we had to hurry back to the portal!! "Goodbye portal house! We'll come back to visit soon!"

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