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The Most Realistic & Immersive Game By Far!

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If you appreciate some level of realism and immersion in your gaming there are plenty of options for various simulators. This open world survival game...

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If you appreciate some level of realism and immersion in your gaming there are plenty of options for various simulators. This open world survival game has an incredible amount of attention to detail and tons of possible interactions. If you think you can smash a window and climb through without a risk of cutting yourself or put all your points in strength and just go clobber a group of zombies, you're in for some harsh lessons. :)

I keep coming back to Project Zomboid, and each time I'm impressed by how much content they added and improvements they made. This is NOT sponsored by the way, it's simply one of my favorite games and has been for years. It has a lot going for it if you're into survival, exploration, crafting, building, and are looking for a challenge. Especially considering how much you can adjust the settings to your liking, from zombie abilities, behavior, and population size to how quickly clothing degrades, when water and electricity are shut off, the chances for particular loot to spawn, how many vehicles are available as well as their condition, etc.

Oh, and if you think strutting around with guns blazing is the way to go, well... that's basically a loud dinner bell for the entire undead neighborhood. So if you do you better be ready for all-out war against the living dead.


How Bad Could IRL Zombie Outbreaks Really Be?

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