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The Voyeurs (2021) - Amazon Prime | Mini Review | Erotic Thriller Film

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The Voyeurs is the newest Amazon Prime streaming film starring Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith and it's a mix of Hitchcock with a callback to 90s ero...

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The Voyeurs is the newest Amazon Prime streaming film starring Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith and it's a mix of Hitchcock with a callback to 90s erotic thrillers. This is my mini review of the film to give you my thoughts on it.


Innocent curiosity turns into full-blown obsession when a young Montreal couple spy on their eccentric neighbours across the street.

Directed by
Michael Mohan
Written by
Michael Mohan
Produced by
Greg Gilreath
Adam Hendricks

Sydney Sweeney
Justice Smith
Ben Hardy
Natasha Liu Bordizzo

Elisha Christian
Edited by
Christian Masini
Music by
Will Bates

Production company
Distributed by
Amazon Studios

Rated: R for Some Disturbing Images, Brief Graphic Nudity, language and Strong Sexual Content
Release date
September 10, 2021
Running time
116 minutes


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