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Subscribe to ALTER on YouTube: https://goo.gl/LnXRC3 An unsuspecting robber chooses the wrong bar to hold a stick up. "With Pleasure" by Max...

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An unsuspecting robber chooses the wrong bar to hold a stick up.

"With Pleasure" by Maxwell Nalevansky & Carl Fry

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More About "With Pleasure":
We explore a series of surreal character vignettes through an eclectic but charming bar; a burlesque performer sings to the crowd, a bizarre man recites Elizabethan proverb, and a beautiful couple share poetic spanish wisdom with each other.

SUDDENLY, a hulking masked man with a shotgun kicks open the door and demands everyone’s belongings, only to be met with a dismissive continuation of proverbial prose.

The bar does not react to his violent threats; instead in unison they plead for him to shoot! He finds himself inexplicably pointing the gun towards his own head and BLOWS HIS BRAINS OUT.
The bar goers initiate a ritual on the masked man’s corpse, in which they cover his body in their money, sliced meat, and an assortment of foreign objects.

Three men in matching denim uniforms take the body to an otherworldly lake where they cast him out to sea…
And the bar goers carry on as though nothing had ever happened.

"With Pleasure" Credits:
Directors: Maxwell Nalevansky and Carl Fry
Producer: Dax Stringer
Writer: Maxwell Nalevansky
Co-Producer / Line-Producer: Lucy Rennick
Director of Photography: Taylor Camarot
Production Designer: Wayne Dalchau
Costume Designer: Danielle Ploeger
Hair & Make Up: Erin Klarer
Sound Designer & Mixer: Dave Rennick
Original Score: German Suane
Editor & Visual Effects Artist & Colorist: Carl Fry
Starring: Ariel Ash, Zack Scott, Alejandro Rose Garcia, Ellar Coltrane, Zoe Graham, Ximena Rubin, Stephanie Hunt, LaMont Pierce, Chris Gammage, Khali McDuff Sykes

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